Project Description

Licence Revalidation

If your rating will expire within three months, you can apply directly to take a proficiency check at Quadrant Pilot to have the rating revalidated, without having to take an assessment first. Quadrant Pilot can offer Revalidations of A320 and B737.

The Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) consists of a briefing and two hours Full Flight Simulator (FFS) per pilot.

Quadrant Pilot can provide a crew pilot or alternatively this can be scheduled for 2 pilots in a 4 hour simulator detail.

Duration: 2 hours FFS per pilot

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Renew Your Rating

ATO assessment

To renew your rating, Quadrant Pilot must perform an assessment to see whether you can undergo a proficiency check to renew the rating immediately or whether you will need to take refresher training first.

Proficiency check

If the ATO assessment indicates that your flying skills are of an appropriate level, Quadrant Pilot will issue you with a course completion certificate (CCC) for your assessment which will allow you to take a formal proficiency check with an approved examiner.

If you pass the proficiency check, the examiner will endorse your rating with a new expiry date by signing the relevant section of your licence and entering the new date.

For a rating to be endorsed with a new expiry date, it must be displayed on the front of your licence. Ratings on the back of your licence are not valid, regardless of any endorsements.

The examiner must forward to the CAA a copy of the examiner’s report from your proficiency check.

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Refresher training

Are you an airline pilot worried about skill fade?

Quadrant Pilot is offering a tailored, two hour refresher sim session for two pilots with a qualified instructor on either the B737 NG or A320 FFS.

Also, if required, Quadrant Pilot can offer remote access CBT on the type specific technical subjects.

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If your ATO assessment indicates that your flying skills need to improve before you take a formal proficiency check, then you will need to undergo refresher training. Quadrant Pilot will determine how much refresher training you must take with reference to the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) guidelines published by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The AMC guidelines take into account factors such as your total flying experience, the complexity of the activities covered by the privileges of the rating and the amount of time that has passed since your rating expired.

Quadrant Pilot develop an individual course of refresher training suited to your needs.

Once you have successfully completed your refresher training, Quadrant Pilot will issue you with a CCC which will allow you to progress to a formal proficiency check with an approved examiner.

Duration: Dependant on recent flying experience

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