Project Description

Course Information

Our new enhanced Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation Course (APS MCC) is the perfect first step towards a professional career in commercial aviation, the course has been designed to help Pilots achieve the highest standard of skill, knowledge and attitudes required by Commercial Air Transport Operators.

The three week APS MCC course is structured and designed to facilitate a step by step approach to training.  Training in our A320 and B737 NG Level D Full Flight Simulators (FFS) pilots can experience the difference when training in the same training environment as Pilots undergoing Type Rating,  Line Proficiency Check (LPC) and Line Oriented Evaluation (LOE) training.   

Quadrant Pilot will be conducting all the Simulator sessions in Full Flight Simulators (FFS).  This will ease the upward transition to becoming fully Type Rated on either the A320 or B737 NG. 


Pilots are trained to a higher standard  

Our APS course is an advanced course.  Pilots who hold an APS qualification will have had 40 hours of Simulator training of which 20 hours is aligned to normal Airline Operations.  The basic MCC course has only 20 hours of Simulator training and does not have the same operational detail. 

All simulator sessions will take place on full motion, this will help students to become familiar with a Full Flight Simulator. 

Pilots have a thorough understanding of advanced airline operations  

The APS course requires the Pilot to understand Line Operations.  Each Pilot will be given information relating to NOTAMS, Flight Planning, Performance Information, Weather, Engineering, Minimum Equipment List (MEL) items.  This information in an integral part of the APS course. 

Pilots will have a thorough knowledge of Multi Crew Operations  

With four days of Ground School followed by 40 hours of Full Flight Simulator training all dedicated to MCC.  The last 20 hours will include Advanced Line Operations training. 

To pass the APS Assessment of Competence (AoC) Pilots achieve a higher degree of competence than traditional MCC courses making them more attractive to prospective Airline employers.

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